13 September 2016
Move House The Stress-Free Way

stress-free house removals

So you’ve made the decision to move house. Whether it’s to upsize the family home, downgrade now that the kids have all grown up and flown out of the nest, or you’re moving out of home for the first time, this is undoubtedly an exciting time in your life. Naturally, alongside the excitement of starting a new chapter of your life in a new residence, you will find a lot of stress occurring that you surely don’t want to pack away in those boxes. You might not believe it in the height of the moving stress, but it is possible to keep the relocation process stress free. Try these steps while preparing for your move to turn any potential frowns upside down into happy moving smiles.

moving date

Pick a moving date early

Being organised and prepared will really pay off in the long run. When you choose a moving date months in advance, you future self will be thanking you with an over-enthusiastic hi-five on your moving day. Moving companies can have surprisingly hectic schedules and it can be difficult to get the date you want at short notice. By planning early on and booking your moving company in advance, you won’t be left feeling disappointed a week before you intend to move. Having a solid date chosen as far as possible in advance can also be good to motivate you and keep you focused on the move. Highlight the date in your diary or calendar and you will have a solid end goal to keep working towards when it comes to packing.

moving company

Research multiple removal companies

Don’t just go with the first removal company you find on the website, rather make sure you do some in-depth research and really get to know a lot about the company ethos and values before making your final decision. Pay attention to things such as how the company presents their website and how they sell their product. Also, read both positive and negative reviews from past customers. What other people have to say about a moving company speaks volumes about how they treat their clients, and therefore how they will treat you.

removal services

Be decisive about what you need from removal services

If you have a firm idea of what type of moving van you need, whether it is a man with a van service or a full team of removalists, your decisiveness will help direct the way the relocation company treats you. The more information you tell the company, the more they can support you and give you exactly what you want on your moving day.

house clearance

De-clutter the chaos before packing

The fewer things you have the pack, the less stress you will be taking with you to your new house. Moving house is also an excellent reason to get rid of those clothes you haven’t worn in years or that book you never intend to read. Make your life easier, and consequently the life of someone else, by recycling or donating your unwanted items before you move and everyone will be a winner.

packing services

Gather packing supplies in advance

There is nothing more stressful than needing a roll of duct tape for that final box and realising you don’t have any left. Even worse, realising that you don’t even have a box. This can be avoided by ensuring that you have enough supplies and resources. You can stock up on duct tape, permanent markers, and bubble wrap at dollar stores. Also enquire at local supermarkets and bakeries for any boxes you can use as this will save you a lot of money and stress. 

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