10 September 2016
Learning While Moving – 7 Lessons Before You Hit the Road

relocation strategies

While you can learn a lot of lessons while on the road, there are those you learn before you actually start your relocation. When facing house removals, a home owner gets first-hand lessons from preparing for those removals. There are many to be learned and when you master then, you will no longer feel threatened by any move and the level of anxiety will drop substantially. Say goodbye to stress when you are preparing for your relocations because you will always be aware of what you need to do and you will always be prepared to face even the worse aspects of moving. And here are the lessons you need:

1. Never do a move alone. No matter how self-sufficient you are, no matter how handy or how capable you are, you are never prepared enough to handle your relocation by yourself. You will go mental while trying to juggle responsibilities, and hire a removal van, and maintain a date and time. Simply get the help of friends, or better yet, a moving company to help you move.


2. Packing always takes more time than you think. This is exactly why people start to pack as soon as they set a moving date. Pack little by little, but always pack. Never leave it for the end, and always end with the essentials which you pack on the very last day before the move. Procrastination will literally get you nowhere if you don’t systematically pack while waiting for the relocation.


3. Do the move on a Wednesday. Everybody is moving during the weekend. This means less options for a removal company, less time to rest after the move, and more money spent since this is winnings period for moving companies. Move in the middle of the week to get all the good offers, to get the availability of the company, and to have the weekend for a rest after the move.

moving day

4. Rest well before the move. Moves are mentally and physically challenging. You do not want to face a move when you are at half your strength because fainting will be the least of your worries, especially if you are driving. Always make sure that you are at your best at the start of the relocation and when you feel tiredness – rest.

preparing for house removals

5. Pre-stock your new fridge. Before you move, go to your new house or flat and stock the fridge with food and beverages. You want to have something to build your strength after you move, and there will be nothing better than a cold beverage after a whole relocation. You do need the power-up you will get after the move in order to proceed with unpacking and organising.

stock up with food

6. Load the heavy items last. This way you leave space for all your other items and you have to find space for the heavy ones, which is the easier version. Also, this way you unload them first and you can furbish the new house quickly and then decorate with all the other items. It is a small trick that will really help you organise the new place easier.

van loading

7. Use storage, if needed. Sometimes you can’t fit everything in the new place. For any extra items, or for items that you are not sure where to go, use a storage so that they don’t take any space and get in your way.

storage solutions

And with these lessons you are ready to go through your moves without any problems and worries. They are most of the preparation you need and once you are done learning, you will have the mindset that will make any other such activity into a walk in the park. Live and learn, prepare to move and learn even more.

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