20 October 2016
Just Moved In? Organise a Halloween Party!

Halloween housewarming party
Have you just finished a stressful home relocation? No doubt, you will want to celebrate the successful house removals with a big party. And with Halloween just behind the corner, what better way to do that than organise the most spectacular Halloween party ever!

It would be a great idea to plan your housewarming party for the scariest night of the year and show both your old friends and new neighbours how creative you are. So, once the move is over and the man and van crew has dropped off everything at your place, you can start planning.

celebrate Halloween
Prepare the Space

After the move is done and dusted, you will still have a lot to do before your new home can get anywhere near the place you want it to look like. To start with, there will be a lot of removal boxes to unpack, furniture to arrange and whatnot. If you cannot finish the unpacking before the day of the party, designate one or two rooms in the house as party ground and stash away the boxes and stuff you still haven’t found a place for in the other rooms. Don’t worry, no one will judge you if not everything is in perfect order – after all, you’ve just moved in.

moving home
Guest List

Next, sit down and write down a list of people you would like to invite to your Halloween/housewarming party. Include your closest friends and maybe a few colleagues you like hanging out with. This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know your new neighbours and start off your life in the new home on the right foot with everyone who lives near you.

make a list
Send Out Invites

When you have a guest list ready, it’s time to send out the invites. Design your invitations in the spirit of Halloween – don’t hesitate to add jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, black cats or ghosts to them and make them as fun as you can. Distribute the invitations among the guests and don’t forget to ask them to RSVP in due time. Remember, at this point you will simultaneously be dealing with the aftermath of moving home, so you will want to know at least approximately how many people will come to your party to make planning the next step a bit easier. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and use the occasion to give each of them an invitation.

party invitations
Party Food

Based on the number of people who RSVP’d to your invitations, you should buy or prepare a good amount of Halloween party food so that there’s enough for everyone. If you want to prepare scary cookies, pumpkin pie, a skull-shaped cake or any other ingenious blood-chilling party food, you can call in a few friends to help you out. While there at your house, you can ask them to help with arranging the furniture and unpacking a few of the moving boxes the man with a van delivered to your home as well – that way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. They can also assist you in decorating the place for the big night.

Halloween brownies

The next step allows you to unleash your imagination and transform your place into a creepy crypt, Dracula’s castle, a graveyard, or just about anything else you can imagine. Combine the classic Halloween decorations – skulls, pumpkins, ghouls, witches, skeleton hands, bats, spiders etc. and don’t hesitate to add your personal touch too. If you have some spare time and a few cardboard boxes left after the move, you can use those to create some DIY decorations, like cut-out bats and pumpkins or even a whole human-sized ghost, zombie or vampire. Take out your crayons or colourful markers and let your Halloween spirit loose.

Halloween decorations
The Big Day

For the day of your Halloween party, make sure there will be enough for your guests to do. You don’t want your old and new friends to just stand there feeling awkward and not knowing who to talk to. Plan some themed party games in the spirit of Halloween (you can always check the internet for inspiration); you can organise a contest for the best costume too. If your guests are all adults, you can mix a few scary cocktails – like the classic Bloody Mary, a Witches Brew, a Morgue-a-Rita, Googly Eye Punch, etc. – that will surely warm up the party.

fun party
Start Life in the New Neighbourhood with a Bang!

Organising a Halloween party after your house relocation is your perfect chance to get to know your new neighbours better and introduce them to your existing friends too. Just make sure the party is not too wild, as you want to make a good first impression, and not one of a wild party animal that keeps neighbours up all night.

great housewarming party
Plan your party well, carefully consider every last detail and if you cannot cope with everything yourself, ask for help – your friends will be glad to lend a hand. With a good plan and a positive attitude, your housewarming Halloween get-together will be a grand success.

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