12 September 2016
Items You Should Move Yourself

house removals

When you are moving house, there are a lot of things to plan for – from the moving company to the route, to the moving day. And then there is all the packing you will do. This is closely connected with the question at hand, because before you do begin packing, you should first ask yourself ‘What items should I move myself?’ That’s right – not everything should go into the removal van. Some things should not be left in other people’s hands. Not because they might not be reliable (although that’s a valid point), but because they are your own responsibility and you should not burden others than yourself with them. And any of their loss or damage will be on you and not on anybody else, whether it was deliberate or accidental.

Here are the items you should not entrust to your house movers. Obvious things like kids and pets shall, naturally, not be listed:

relocating documents


Naturally, you should never leave your documents in a moving van. Not because they might get crushed, but because accidents do happen and you might lose them. Lose your documents and you no longer own anything. This is something you should absolutely keep with yourself and the only documents you should share with your movers should be papers for any items that require legal documents to pass customs.

moving jewellery


Such valuables are simply too valuable to be entrusted to the moving company. Some of your jewellery might actually pay for the whole house removal if sold to the right buyer. And jewellery in general does not take too much space, so don’t be capricious and keep the around yourself. Any loss of your valuable jewellery you will regret with passion, so make sure there isn’t one.

move collectibles safely

Collector Items

Same reasons as the jewellery, plus the sentimental value. And monetary value as well, depending on the item – some collectibles are quite the expensive things. You want those items to stay with you, because they are worth more than any replaceable belonging. Don’t be obtuse and find a proper box, package, or briefcase for your collectibles. You will not be able to find some of them again.

packing essentials

Essentials Kit

Your first night at your new home will be spent with a kit named ‘the essentials’. It’s the simple things you unpack first. They should always go with you as they can save you the immediate unpacking of all other boxes. Imagine you arrive at the new place at night and you are too tired to unpack. This is where you need this box or bag, or whatever you have chosen as its container – things like combs, toothbrushes, pyjamas, change of clothes, sheets, pillows, blankets.

first aid kit

First Aid Kit

If you have a first aid kit at home – do keep it with you. Anything can happen and you never know when you will need a first aid kit. It’s a safety precaution for yourself and your family beyond anything else.

moving plants


If you are an avid gardener, then you should be well aware that plants will not fare well in a bumpy environment and a dark place. Depending on the length of the relocation, they may start withering and there will be nothing you can do about it. Keep your plants with you and never ever pack them in a box. Do that and they’ll stay alive and well, regardless of how long the move actually takes.

And there you have it. Do the proper packing and you can be sure that the move and the move’s aftermath will go down perfectly. Don’t risk losing any of these things as they, while not essential to your survival, are still vital to you and your home. Don’t make the mistake of relying on others for their removals and make an effort to keep them safe yourself.

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