12 September 2016
Is Self Storage a Good Investment?

self storage

Free space is a precious resource that you may find yourself in short supply of. Even if you have a big home, chances are that at some point you will wish for additional space to store your equipment, new purchases and extra items.

In order to remedy the shortage of free space, you can look at storage facilities. Putting your items in one is a fine idea, especially if you are hard pressed for free space. That is usually the case immediately after or during a home removal, when some of your belongings go into your new home, others stay behind and a third group is donated, sold or given away for free. Navigating through this organisational chaos is difficult, especially since you have a ton of other relocation tasks to address. Resorting to different storage options can greatly help you in that regard. Here is why it is a good idea to book a self storage facility:

secure storage

- It is secure - rogue storage providers aside, legit companies know that keeping your items safe and secure at all times is very important. That is why well-reputed facilities are usually equipped with everything necessary for keeping your items out of harm’s way. You can expect advanced locks, video surveillance, limited access and even security guards in some cases. If you think about it, putting your items in a place like this is in many ways better than keeping them around your home, especially during house relocation. With constant trips between your new and current home, you will leave your belongings unattended for a lot of time. Storing said items is a better alternative.

storage facility

- It is convenient - during a home removal, it is important to quickly set in, as that will reduce stress and worries. That is difficult to do if you are buried in a ton of furniture, appliances and boxes that you have yet to unpack. Instead of troubling yourself over this, you can put them all in storage and forget about them for a little while. Later on, when the time comes to actually use your items, you can take them out of storage gradually and introduce them to your new home.

man and van

- It is easy to reach - if you lack a removal van, you can have the man and van company pick up the items you want to store and deliver them to a facility of your choosing. That way you are spared any trouble of loading and unloading your belongings. A man with a van team can do that task for you in a quick and trouble-free manner!

cheap storage services

- It can be cheap - with numerous storage companies constantly competing for clients, you won’t find yourself short on options to choose from. This is good for you, as it means you will be able to benefit from certain discounts and lucrative deals, which would otherwise not be available.

mobile self storage

- You can benefit from mobile self storage - mobile self storage is a service you should familiarise yourself with. In essence, is involves providing your home with a storage unit that will be brought straight to your address by the company and later taken when you fill it with the items you want to store. That way you will be spared the need to deliver said items to the facility and trouble with transportation. You won’t even have to book a man and a van team.

Renting a self storage unit is definitely a good idea, especially during a removal. Don’t hesitate to go with this option if you are short on free space.

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