30 March 2016
Is Friday Really the Best Day to Move House?

moving house on Friday

There is this common misconception that there is a perfect day for moving house and that day is Friday. But is it really? Is there one day that stands above the rest and beats all of them in terms of good advantages for when you are facing relocation and you have to arrange it with the moving company? It just might not be. There are pros and there are cons of Friday being your day of choice, but ultimately if there is a debate about something being the best of anything, then it probably is not.

Nevertheless, here are the advantages and disadvantages of moving on a Friday:


organise your move

•    It’s Friday! You have all the free time in the world to organise the relocation. The moving company can be late and it will barely affect the move.
•    Unpacking is much easier when you have the Saturday and Sunday that follow. You won’t be in a rush to finish decorating the new home.
•    A lot of people move on Fridays. That means a lot of special offers for those moves – you just might save money from your removal company.

moving after work

•    You don’t have to get leave. You can organise the move after work, or even if you do have to take, it will be just one day, even in a bad case scenario.
•    You will have a whole week of work to keep your mind off the move and you won’t have to spend any time worrying about it. No anxiety, no stress – Friday comes and you jump straight to the move without giving it any thought.
•    On Friday you can get the most help, if you need it. Most of your friends will probably be most available on this day.

ask your friends for help


•    It’s Friday! You will lose all of your weekend to unpack and decorate the new place because of the relocation. The whole moving house business will be taken out of your only rest days and you will have to take a 16-day work week.
•    The packing will be hard. Since you’ll be regularly going to work, when you come back, the last thing you will want to do is more work. Yet, you still have cardboard boxes to fill and furniture to disassemble.

packing can be hard

•    A lot of people move on Fridays. That means that there is a big chance that the removal company you want not to be available on that exact day. The chance is even bigger if the moving company is a more popular one in your region.
•    While you can get all the help you need on a Friday if you are doing a DIY move with just a removal van, you will also take away their weekends as well. Imagine how guilty you will feel at that.
•    Some moving companies don’t keep their best offers for Fridays – instead, they keep the highest prices on Fridays exactly because many people are moving at that time.

discounts on moving services

Ultimately, there is no perfect day of the week for removals. And a Friday sounds about just as sensible as it sounds inconvenient. You have to weigh your pros and cons and decide for yourself how you want to proceed – do you want to move during your weekend to have a peaceful move and all the free time to finish it, or do you want to move during the week and use the weekend for resting after the long trip? It’s all up to you. Just be sure to know what you are getting into with every scenario.

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