16 September 2016
Is Autumn the Best Time to Move House?

moving house in autumn

You may be wondering what makes autumn a good time to make moving house a reality. Well the truth is it is the perfect time to organise your house removal. The reasons will be explained in the following tips, giving you a chance to see how it all works out before hiring a man and van to get you going after the purchase:

• There will be much less competition

Competition for housing will drop off during the autumn season, as it is a time when most people consider being off-season for estate purchases. But you will find out there are plenty of homes still for sale, and sometimes at much better prices than you would think, not to mention with better inventory. Autumn means finding new opportunities you will not see during the summer at the same prices. This will give you a chance to end up moving house into a much better place.

house relocation

• Sellers will be worn out by the season

Some of the sellers who put their properties on the market during the prime time selling windows of the spring and summer seasons may have been overconfident in their price. This opens up plenty of chances to use their offers in the off season as it will likely give you better room for negotiation. After months of little to no interest these sellers will often be more than ready to make a deal. Unrealistic expectations will soon be dashed to the ground by the power of the free market economy, so you will stand to gain a lot from it all.

home removals

• Sellers will be serious about what they do

Not all of the homes on the market during autumn will be leftovers from the summer season. Some people find that autumn is the right time to make a sale for any potential movers and shakers on the market. Maybe they just had their home finished; maybe they decided to sell later. Whatever the case you will be dealing with a more serious group of sellers, so before you decide to get moving, you should be able to find a seller worthy of your time. There is no sense in hiring a man with van until you find a good place.

house movers

• You can take advantage of potential tax breaks

For first time property buyers, you should keep in mind that you cannot escape paying the income tax, but you can reduce the amount you owe once you become a homeowner. Mortgage interests and property taxes are something you can work on with deductions. This will give you a much better chance to work on things before you hire a man with a van or some other way to move to your new place.

income taxes

• Fall is a safer time to move

Did you know that burglars actually have peak seasons during which they operate? Well they do and the months of July and August happen to be prime time for them due to people going on vacations and so forth. Waiting until fall will give you a better advantage when your neighbourhood will be safer.

safe domestic removals

Once you have settled on a property and you are done with clearing the details you can make a purchase and hire a man and van or another service.

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