12 November 2013
How to Tackle a House Removal - Hire Dependable W3 Moving Company

How to Tackle a House Removal – Hire Dependable W3 Moving Company


Tackling a house removal is often an overwhelming prospect, with so much to consider and do, from trying to find your ideal new home, to packing up your old home and arranging a way of transporting your belongings from the old to the new property, you can feel like you are about the explode with the pressure. This isn’t the way that a house removal needs to be, however, it can be stress-free and even fun and enjoyable…just like the way it was supposed to be. How? By hiring a dependable moving company in the W3 area to help you of course!

How can a W3 removal company help me?

There are a lot of benefits that you get from using a removals company that you wouldn’t ordinarily get anywhere else, these include but are not limited to:

• Removal companies often have larger, better maintained and newer vehicles, which are fully registered. Not only does this provide extra security for your things (in an older vehicle they perhaps would have been less stable), but it also means that you could potentially get all your things into one van and only have to do the one journey, greatly reducing the time it takes you to move home.
• With more staff, removal companies can help you to load and unload the van in a much shorter time. All staff are trained and experienced.

• Removal companies that are members of the British Association for Removers (BAR) will have insurance that is either included in the price quoted or can be offered at an additional charge, and this will cover you in the event of something happening to either your property or your belongings. Furthermore, as BAR members, they are bound by strict guidelines of conduct. BAR is the body you could complain to if you were to experience problems with a removal company who is a member of this association.

• Additional services are offered by removal companies that aren’t offered elsewhere, such as:
o Packing services: as it sounds, removal companies will do your packing for you, they will even provide all of the packaging materials that you will need. With your things professionally packed, it is much less likely that you will arrive at your new home to find something has been damaged during transit.
o Help loading and unloading the van: with a number of staff that removal companies have, the van could be loaded with your belongings quite quickly, especially as these companies also have specialised equipment and tools for lifting heavy and/or large items of furniture.
o Dismantling and erecting furniture: It is easier to carry and move furniture if you dismantle it, especially if it is very big and needs to be navigated through narrow entrances to get out of the house and into the new property. Some removal companies W3 can dismantle furniture for you and erect it in your new home.
o Office removals: If you have a home office this is ideal for you.
o Storage facilities: if you are downsizing and need somewhere to home the things you can’t store right now, some removal companies can offer you storage facilities.

How do I choose a dependable removal company?

Call at least 10 companies for quotes, and ask questions regarding the services that they provide. Ask the companies if they are members of the BAR association, if not why not, and questions around the insurance offered and what the quote includes. Before you choose a removal company, do some research and look at some customer reviews to see how well they have provided services to previous customers. Avoid choosing a company on the basis of price and concentrate mainly on the services they offer and how reputable they are.

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