12 November 2013
How To Save Money On Your Move To Brompton

How To Save Money On Your Move To Brompton


Moving to Brompton in London soon and worried about the costs of the relocation? It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that you are facing and the required budget. No house move is free of charge, even though some removals companies will try to tempt you with quotes that are too good to be true. Don’t base your choice of a mover entirely on the cost, as this can be a sign of a rogue mover. In the current economy, most people want to save money and spend reasonably. In order to maximize the savings of your house move to Brompton, you can follow the following tips and tricks.

• Plan the whole moving process: A successful house move is a well-organized one without doubt. Understanding each stage of the move will help you keep track of your expenses and reduce some costs that you haven’t even thought of. The steps of a local and long-distance move are more or less the same. You need to put thought into your move and be ready for each step.

• Write it down: Don’t trust your memory only, especially when you need to think of so many details at the same time. Make sure you write down each plan and step of the moving process – the budget plan, the space plan, the schedule and checklist. Write it in pen so you can make corrections as you go. List phone numbers and details of the professionals who you will work with along the moving process. Use colour codes for the different tasks and people involved in the move. This is how good planning differs from bad planning.

• List all electronics, lamps, mirrors and other fragiles and breakables: These items will need specialty boxes and packing material in order to be transported safely to the new house. Always wrap fragile items in at least two layers of bubble wrap. Use linen and paper for padding and fill the voids between two items in one box. Use the boxes to their full advantage – don’t overfill them, but make sure you pack them up to their lid so you don’t end up having to move too many boxes and making multiple trips back and forth.

• Make an estimate of the moving boxes: Estimate the number and type of boxes you will need per room and if you want to save up from their cost, look for used ones in department stores, pharmacies and grocery stores. This will significantly reduce the budget.

• Create a full list: You need a full list of all your belongings so you can work out the insurance and the amount of packing material you will need.

• Collect packing materials: You don’t need the most expensive packing supplies in order to pack your belongings safely. However, you do need to know the basics of safe packing and how transportation can damage a fragile item. Use more newspaper and linen for padding and cushioning.

• Consider the type of moving service: The type of moving service you choose will also determine the price of the relocation. If you are doing a local move, you can hire man-and-van services. Or you could hire a moving truck and drive it yourself. If you are lucky enough you can borrow a large truck from a friend of yours.

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