05 April 2016
How To Keep Your Sense Of Humour During A Move

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Moving house is often the time when people forget they have a sense of humour. What with all the anxiety and stress that usually encircle and haunt house relocations, everybody will be a subject of a certain mood which has to be kept in check. This is the time to look for the positive things in your life and find the funny lest the stress devours you. Many people find difficulty in that and focus on how hard the relocation is or how many things could go wrong. What should you do to avoid all this discomfort? Here are some ideas you can implement with every move.

• Have fun
Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how little this tactic is actually used. Who has time to have fun? There are things to pack, companies to speak to, services to schedule, removals to organise!

Well, there is also peace of mind. Find a few hours of day to simply sit down – alone, or with the family – and chat, or play a game, or read a book, or watch a movie. Find something that entertains you and devote your time on that. Find pleasure in something – everybody needs to have a good relationship with pleasure and not only when dealing with house removals. You need to keep entertainment in your life in order to see the bright side of things.

having fun during removals

• Find the funny
Everything can be funny if looked at from the right angle. Even when you are facing problems, look for the silver lining, and then look for the hilarity of the situation. And don’t fool yourself – life is surrounded by irony and merriment, often they are intertwined. How do you think stand up comedians become so funny? Even the most tragic of the bunch are shaped by life as they look for the good humour in everything and make a point to spread it and teach people to laugh at life, however it presents itself.

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• The moving party
You should not move before you have a moving party. See the people who have been an active part of your life up until that point – sure, you will stay in touch, but as roads separate, the possibility of estrangement appears. So gather everybody you want and have a final laugh together before life takes you to a new direction. And do make sure you have tissues – farewell parties can be quite emotional. But don’t treat that as something to be sad about – it is the happiness to know these people that should make you teary.

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• Set up the move
If you are moving with your family, you can use your own sense of humour to make it fun for everybody. Surprise the family in a variety of ways. For instance, make funny labels for the moving boxes. Or hide some joke cards around the boxes or on key places around the house. Hilarity should ensue once the card is found and the joke is read. Quips are also a fun way to spend time while moving, as long as the person you are exchanging quips can take your sense of humour... or vice versa. If you are brave enough, you could set up practical jokes, but beware of consequences – or rightful vengeance.

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Moving home does not have to be hard or stressful. You can make it a fun time of you put your mind to it. Simply make use of any of these ideas and see how easily the day will pass and how easily the laughs will roll instead of you stressing out.

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