12 November 2013
How to Find Excellent TW9 Man and Van Services

How to Find Excellent TW9 Man and Van Services


When you look into booking a man with a van service, you don’t just want an ok service, you want the best, the most excellent service out there, because choosing the right man with a van service for your needs greatly impacts upon how smoothly everything goes on removal day.

Why is it so important to find an excellent TW9 man with a van service?

If you rush into booking someone or choose the man with a van team that offer you the lowest quote, you may severely regret this decision, it could end up costing you in both time and money and that is something you really don’t want. Here are some examples as to the effect a poor man with a van service could have on your house move TW9:
• If the van is small this might mean that you have to return to the old property at least once, any return visits is going to cost you in terms of time and money (when it comes to paying the fuel costs).
• If the van is not well-maintained, it may be unstable causing your belongings to shift inside the van more during transit, which increases the risk of your things getting damaged. Or even worse, the vehicle could break down completely on the journey. When you are booking a man and van service ensure that the vehicles are well-maintained and are fully licenced.
• An excellent man and van service team will help you load and unload the van, making the process much quicker, there may even be more than one person to help you.

How do I go about finding an excellent TW9 man with a van service?

There is a simple process that you should follow in order to find yourself the best man with a van team in the TW9 area. The first thing you should do is to make a list of all of the services available to you within the area, this will be the list you use to start calling around for quotes from.

Once you have your list, you can start making some calls, when you speak to the different man with a van services remember to ask them relevant question that will help you when you come to choosing just one. Questions such as:

1. What’s the lowest quote you can give me?
2. What are the additional charges I can expect, if any?
3. What is included in the quote? i.e. will you simply drive my things from one property to the new property, or will you also help to load and unload the van? Can you help in terms of dismantling furniture and erecting it again in the new house?
4. What experience do you have offering man and van services?
5. What training do you have?
6. Are you a member of any reputable organisations or associations?
7. Are you able to offer insurance? If so, how will this cover me, my property and my things?
8. What vans do you use? Consider the size, the make, how well-maintained it is and whether it is appropriately licenced.
9. What is your usual procedure when helping someone moving home? i.e. what time will you start and end ? How many of you will there be?
10. Do you have any references that I can see?

Armed with your list of quotes and answers to your questions you can now create a shortlist of your favourite teams. Once this has been completed, it is time to do some research on the shortlisted companies/self-employed workers, look on the internet for some reviews and more details on the services offered. This information will help you to make a final decision. Once you have found a reputable, well-established company, don’t delay in booking them!

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