09 September 2016
How To Decorate Your New Home After Moving

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Moving house requires knowledge not only during a move, but also what happens after you move. And there is a little trick that people don’t ever make use of after a house relocation – did you know that moving home is the perfect time to do redecorations? If you have wanted to change things about in any of your rooms, using a new house as a blank sheet is the perfect way to go. And if you are having trouble figuring out how to do the decorations, then you are looking at the right place. Carry on and see for yourself.

The Prepwork

First of all, if you want to do a cheap and simple redecoration, then either don’t use a moving company, or get your very own moving van. Get something that won’t be billed by the hour and something you can keep parked on your driveway for as long as it suits you. Then think about what you want in the house and load it last. You will want the last boxes placed in the van to be the first boxes out – the essentials to your new project, so to speak. Same goes for the furniture, if you are bringing any along. Making use of a personal vehicle and getting aid from friends is always an excellent idea for that.

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The Divide

Make a sketch of your new house. Name each room. Now picture what you want in every room. It is quite simple to know what you want once you get a visual, but since actually unloading the removal van in the house will mean that it’s too late to make changes, you will have to work with makeshift visuals. A simple drawing or scheme will be the next best thing. Apply your imagination and see how the new place will look like with a certain interior design. If you don’t like what you imagine, then reimagine – that’s the best thing about imagination, you can make infinite do-overs.

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To have a better idea, do it one room at a time. Picture the room, then mentally place each object in the proper place, then mix things up. Rinse and repeat until you have the right combination. Then continue with the same method with the rest of the rooms and get the best combination, the one that suits you best. And do number the rooms and pick an order by which you will decorate them. This will help you while loading the moving van.

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The Process

If you did the prepwork right, this should be easy. Have your car or van as close as it can get to the house, then unload the boxes of essentials or furniture and start decorating as soon as you bring the box or piece of furniture in the house. It is a systematic method which will see the house ready very quickly and you will have very little to worry about in terms of chaos. This way you basically skip the hectic search for boxes that hold items for a specific room and immediately unload the proper boxes in the proper room.

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Again, rinse and repeat, and you will be done quicker than you think. This is the ultimate guide of decorating after moving. It is done easily, it is a safe method and it always brings results. All you have to do is make a decision on how you want your new home to look like – this should be done after you make the moving checklist so that you don’t delay the house relocation and before packing, so that you know what to pack first. Think, decide, pack, move, act – this is the order of events you should follow and everything will fall into place, you can count on that.

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