16 February 2017
How to Carry out a Furniture Removal

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Carrying out a furniture removal requires time and a lot of planning. Whether you want to buy new furniture or simply get rid of old furniture, moving furniture is a laborious task. Depending on the type of items you have, you should make a decision whether you would hire a man with a van, a removal company or choose to have it done by yourself. If your furniture is flat packed and if it is small enough to fit into your car, then transport it by car. However, when people are moving house or getting rid of the furniture that is already there, a removal company definitely helps. Below, you can find a few tips on how to ensure that your furniture removal goes smoothly, no matter what the occasion.

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1) Determine what type of furniture you actually need moving or disposing of. It is challenging to find a man and van or do it yourself, if you don't actually know the amount of items you will move. If you have bulky furniture such as beds, sofas and armchairs, then you should hire a professional company for your relocation. Things like small tables, coffee tables and chairs can be transported by car.

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2) Get your family and friends to help you put your furniture in a certain area of the house. There is nothing worse than trying to move things and not knowing where exactly they are located. Plus, when your friends help you, you can pack much easier and faster!

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3) If you can box the small pieces of furniture, do so especially if you are using a removal company. It is easy to have everything mixed up, so when you do so and label them, life becomes all that much easier.

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4) Hire a reliable removals company to save time and effort. You can even save money if you find a cost-effective removal service. Choose a firm that will be able to accommodate both your removal needs and budget.

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5) Ensure that you use the right methods of moving furniture especially when lifting and carrying heavy pieces of furniture. You need to bend your knees and squat and then lift it up. Most people will simply bend down, lift the heavy item and potentially strain their back in the process. You won’t have to worry if you use a moving company. However, if you are moving furniture yourself ask some friends or neighbours to help you.

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Overall, organising a furniture removal is very simple. If you want to save yourself the hassle you can always replace your old items with new ones when you settle in your new home. Furniture, when used correctly suffers a lot of wear and tear and you can't always avoid that. If you want to sell your furniture, you can post an ad in online platforms such as eBay and Amazon and let people bid for it or just buy it. You can donate your old furniture to a charity if it is still reusable. New furniture always looks fantastic in the house, and the removal of furniture is often very inexpensive.

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