10 September 2016
How Many Boxes Do You Need for Your Removal?

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When you are done with the moving checklist and you have planned everything from what the moving day is up to what your moving company will be, it is time to set up a few things. Eventually you will have to pack and in order to pack you will need the right materials. The basic packing supplies you will need, of course, are the cardboard boxes. They will be the core of the moving process as most of your items will be transported with them – in the best case scenario, of course. But if you are purchasing your cardboard boxes, looking for the good quality and durable ones that removal companies provide, then you need to know exactly how many you need so that you don’t waste money.

In order to figure that one out, you need to organise all your belongings. Take a pen and paper and sit down. This will be a long journey through all your possessions, literally all the way down to your dirty laundry.

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Start with downsizing. Admit it, you have plenty of things you do not need and the only reason why they are in your home is because you are too lazy to do the clearance work. Well, this is the perfect time to do clearance. Simply pick all the items you don’t need and either a) leave them at the house, b) gift them to a neighbour, the homeless, or a charity, or c) sell them at a flea market. The more useless things you can straight up throw away – no need to seek options when even you don’t see a use for something.

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The best way to figure out the number of boxes is first to see what you are taking. This means that you need to make a column for every room of your house. For maximum efficiency, do not count any foods, consumables and perishable items, such as soap and plants – those you either take separately, or completely ignore and attain after the relocation. Now, do the column task and don’t forget to count the bathroom.

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And then you have to further categorise the items in that room. For instance, if you take the bedroom, you have the categories of clothes, shoes, sheets, and accessories. For the living room, you will have CDs and DVDs, consoles, magazines, etc. And you do this for every room. And then you make columns for those categories. And after that you simply have to assign a number of boxes for each category you have. For example, clothes get 3 boxes, CDs and DVDs take 1 box, and so on. Simple, right?

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Of course, there is no point in assigning a big box for a few CDs and DVDs. So, for every category also put what kind of boxes you will use: small, medium, or large. That way you not only get the number of boxes, but also the types and you can be more specific when looking for them, or ordering them from your moving company. Also, don’t forget to keep markers, labels, and other items with which you can label and mark your items to keep track of what you will keep inside.

And with this you are all set up for your house relocation. You will have the right number of boxes and all the means to label them. All that is left is for you to wrap all the items that won’t fit in the boxes and do the packing itself. Then wait for moving day to pack the essentials and you are done and ready for the house removals.

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