10 September 2016
How Do You Decide On A Moving Date

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Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems which families and home owners face when planning a relocation is deciding on the moving date. If you think about it, it is quite the important choice to make since the whole move will revolve around that day and all your planning will be in relation to it and to the definite removals on that specific day. So how do you choose this date? What factors do you view when you are making this seemingly important decision? Well, here are some factors you should definitely think about before making your own pick.

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The Day

As in, weekend or weekday. One of the things you need to choose is whether to move during the week, or during the weekend. And they both have their pros and cons, such as moving during the week will cost you a leave day, but you will get to rest at the weekend after the move; and moving during the weekend will spare you any work and school-related problems and you can continue life normally after the relocation. You also need to consider the number of people who move during the weekend – it is usually a much bigger one, since it is a rare occasion when somebody takes a Wednesday off to move house. The moving company you choose may be busy at the weekend, or maybe it has steeper prices precisely because people move then, so then maybe you will want to move during the week. But then, if you do move during the week, you will also interrupt the routines of all your family, such as your child’s school. Think about whether sparing a few quid is better than keeping the familiar routine. And speaking of costs and money, if you will be taking a leave, calculate when you will lose the least money and add that to the factors as well.

removal company

The Removal Company

This will play a big part of your move. You should actually pick the company about the same time as you pick the day, maybe even before that, so that you can book them for that day and don’t have to worry about them being busy. Collaborate with the house movers and inform them of any time schedule-related decisions you make about the move. You may even ask for advice, since they have probably moved quite a lot of people and will be able to tell you what date, and even what time, is best for a relocation.

moving house

The Landlord

Probably the best time to move is at the end of a month since then you will have the least negotiations to make, if you have a landlord. You will not have to negotiate about paying only half the rent if you are moving in the middle of the month, or giving you a few days of next month so that you can move at the beginning. The only negotiation you should be making with the landlord is the return of the deposit cheque. If anything, you should make your moving day far enough so that you have enough time and opportunity to do the end of tenancy cleaning.

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Consider all this and make a decision for yourself. Pick a day which you prefer, one that will be convenient for everybody involved in the removals. Pick a date that will give you the opportunity to move without hassle, and do give some consideration to the exact time of the move as well. Morning, afternoon, or night time – it should be whenever you feel is best. And when you collect all the factors, and make your decision, there is another important thing to do – stick with it. Consideration and consistency will go a long way to provide you with an easy relocation.

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