04 January 2017
How a Removals and Storage Company Can Benefit You

moving services
Nowadays a lot of people benefit from the services of removals and storage companies. Moving house requires planning and organisation and if you do not have the time to prepare for the move on time, choosing a removals and storage company can be the best decision. It is best to have a place that you can access, especially if the dates clash and you have to be out from a certain place, on a certain date and your new home is not ready. It isn't always possible to move into your new house all fine and dandy, so investing in a storage facility is something that will help you make the process hassle-free. However, what is included in a storage facility and how does it work?

moving van hire
The company can transport your possessions to the storage unit

Pack your stuff as you normally would and instead of moving your items on the same day, all you need to do is tell the removal company to deliver your items to your storage unit. Once you have done that, unload everything and take it into the facility. You will be assigned a space which is a lock up with a pin-code and a private key. The access is often available 7 days a week, so that you can access your stuff anytime. Sometimes instead of hiring a man with a van to transport your belonging to your new home, using a storage facility is much easier and safer as you can leave your goods there and you know they are secure.

Professional packing assistance

It is very risky to keep your stuff in someone's house or just leave it somewhere, without using proper storage facilities. It can be a real nightmare to think that you are undergoing a house move and not realise how cheap this type of removal can be. One of the best things about this service is that you don't need to worry about your bubble wrap, your sticky tape as well as any other moving stuff that is usually required when you pack your boxes. The great thing is that you can hire the company to help you pack your belongings. Most moving companies offer packing services and if you use them in combination with another service you will certainly get a great deal.

storage units
They can store your items when you are away

Most students use storage units because they suit their needs perfectly, especially if they don't want to lug all their belongings back to their place. This can be really annoying especially if you come from a different city or if you live in a different country. Many storage facilities are very inexpensive, and some of them only charge a pound in the first month for storage. Since many home movers including students and those who frequently change location, always look for the cheap and reliable option - this is often the best choice.

moving costs
The company can offer you a lower price

Sometimes it is simple to ask the removal company that you are thinking of hiring if they have additional services, whereby you can get a discount on using their storage service. A lot of removal companies actually have this and you would be wise to ask them. Sometimes, as a courtesy - they will provide you with a discount or a loyalty perk for doing so.

low-cost removals
They are easy to deal with and cost-effective

Overall, there are many advantages of using a removal and storage service combined. It is great if you can shift all your stuff on the same day - however if you cannot do so, then storage facilities can serve a fantastic purpose, not to mention they are easy to use and are most importantly, affordable.

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