12May 2015
Furniture Removal to Acton Made Easy

furniture removals

Furniture adds to the aesthetic beauty of any office or house in Acton. Furniture is what usually tends to make your house a cosy family home. It takes a great deal of efforts when it comes to choosing the right kind of furniture and matching it with the decor of your house. That is why special attention has to be directed towards furniture removals during the house or office move. These are a few important pointers that might help you get a better idea about moving furniture.

furniture moving

One Room at a Time: A systematic and smart way to start the procedure of removal would be to first make a separate moving checklist for every room and take account of all the furniture in every room. According to the strength and fragility of furniture, different methods to handle the furniture can be devised. Once all the items in the checklist have been crosschecked, you can proceed with the furniture packaging for the move to Acton, W3.

packing furniture

Packaging Tools: Furniture removals usually need a lot of patience and care. Packaging plays a very crucial role in this sequence of steps. You would need sofa and mattress covers, clothes and rags, bubble wrap, ordinary plastic wraps and cardboard boxes for efficient packing. You can check with supply store employees to make sure you have everything needed for moving furniture. Professional advice is always beneficial. And certainly there is no harm in having surplus tools.

furniture polish

Polishing: Before you start packing, you ought to polish and dust the surfaces of each piece of furniture. This will not only reduce your work of cleaning the furniture at your new home in the W12 area, but also help you check inside the drawers and other pieces, making sure you haven’t left anything behind. This makes the entire house moving and re-organising a lot simpler.

moving furniture

Heavy Furniture: If you have a huge bed which would be difficult to move and act as an obstacle, take it apart and tie all the frames together with a tight rope so that the parts don’t get misplaced. Wrap the tables and chairs with rags or linen and if possible, separate all the parts and put all the screws into tiny zip-lock bags and tie them around the legs of the furniture. Also, all the boxes containing the fragile parts should be piled high up on the other boxes and wrapped loosely. Don’t forget to check for any loose parts of furniture like drawers and secure them tightly to avoid mishaps. The bottom of the boxes should be taped adequately to hold the weight of the heavy goods inside. It is imperative to cover all the sharp edges of the furniture with a cloth or any other material offering protection from the potential injury the edges could cause during the removal to W3.

man with a van

Moving: Many removal companies in Acton can help you organise your move quickly and effectively. The professional movers are well equipped to meet all your needs and have the aptitude to move your furniture, which has a myriad of your memories, to its rightful destination. In case of a tight budget, cheap removals are an option that can get your job done. If you aren’t able to get hold of a removal firm, you can also opt to hire a man and van. They can go about the removal process meticulously within the budget you can expend.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and be assured that all your furniture would be safe during the removal and the move would be hassle free. Wish you luck for a new future and a new home.

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