16Apr 2015
Eco-Friendly Removals In Bromley

moving to Bromley

With all the advancement in science and technology, our lives have become much easier and more comfortable. However, where we have made things better for ourselves with the use of technology and gadgetry, we have also been having a negative impact on the environment, even on local level in Bromley. All the electronic appliances, cars and electrical equipment we put to use on a daily basis have a strong impact on our land, water and air (directly or indirectly). The booming advancement in technology coupled with extravagant consumption has been one of the major reasons for global warming and it is our duty as individuals to save the planet from consumption-abuse so that it may remain (pleasantly) inhabitable for years to come.

eco-friendly removals

If you are one of those who actually care about the environment and do your best to curtail consumption and energy use in order to protect our planet, then you will be wondering if your office or home removal in Bromley, BR1 can be eco-friendly. The answer is: you can bring down the energy consumption to a bare minimum. There are ways to bring down energy consumption during your move to a very basic level that can be a huge contribution toward protecting nature. All it takes is proper planning and little bit of extra work.

organising removals

The first thing you need to do before getting ready for relocation is a major cleaning session at your place. It would be similar to your annual cleaning of the house albeit the focus will be on sorting your possessions. Over the years, we accumulate so much stuff that it often piles up and gets pushed to the back, or into boxes, basements or attics. It is time to remove the lid from everything you have kept hidden from your own sight. Separate everything that needs to be dumped, recycled, given away and taken along. Make neat (separate) piles of the stuff. Take care of the things that you do not need anymore, before going any further.

packing services

It is time for packing. This is one area of moving houses in the BR2 region where you can do a lot to keep it environment-friendly. From packing boxes to packing material, you can make sure that you do not put any additional burden on the planet just because you are changing houses. For packing go to the storage area right away and find out as many old boxes as you can. Just because they are dusty doesn’t mean that they cannot be used again. Clean and boxes and put them to good use. For breakable items and appliances use your pillows and cushions as support inside the boxes. This will help you save on the bubble wrap or other padding. Finally instead of using tape to seal the boxes, use ropes. If you do not have small ropes handy, tear an old bed sheet or towel into multiple little strings and use them.

moving van

Finally, it comes to the transportation. Call your home removal company in Bromley and let them know how many boxes you have and the size of truck you will need. You can even take pictures of the boxes using your phone and send it to the professionals at the company so that they can also advice you on the size of the moving truck that you will require for moving. It is very important to ensure the right size of the truck as a bigger truck will consume more fuel than required and a smaller truck may have to make multiple trips, thereby, wasting energy. These little details can go a long way in making sure that you stay on track with doing your bit in saving the planet; moving houses should be no exception.

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