10 October 2016
Did You Know about These Moving Superstitions?

moving superstitions

How superstitious are you? Hopefully, not too much, especially when it comes to moving superstitions. If you do have a friend who is and you are about to undergo a house relocation, however, you will hear all about them and what you should and should not do so that you do not disturb the spirits of luck. The luck you want to have should be self-made and it apparently does not have anything to do with your choice of a reliable moving company or a good man and van service. According to some, even if you have the best house movers in town, there are still some things that you should avoid doing so that you can keep the good luck going. And here are some of them:

1) Don’t move on a Friday, especially on the 13th.

Friday 13th will forever remain a superstition to some people and a big mystery of why is it so bad to others. People will tell you that you should avoid this date as a moving day, but they can never come up with another reason as to why, other than “Well, it’s Friday 13!” If you think about it, much bigger reasons why not to call the man with van on a Friday would be that 1) most people move on Fridays, and 2) you don’t get any time to rest after the relocation.

moving on Friday 13th

2) Enter the new house through the front door.

The first time you enter your new home it should be through the front door. “Backdooring” your home has treacherous symbolism and should be avoided. The same applies for when you exit your house for the first time as well. It is the sort of “keep your eyes on the prize” and “meeting it eye to eye” sort of deal.

house removals

3) Light a candle on your first night in.

It is important to bless the house when your removal van is empty and the man and van leave. The first night you spend there should be a ‘lit’ one and lighting a candle is the way to go. In some countries they do that with holy water and a priest, in others a simple candle will suffice. A continuously burning flame will mean a lot of luck in the new home.

light a candle

4) Burn sage to both bless and cleanse.

Another house blessing and house cleansing ritual after moving house is to burn sage. Take a bucket or a cup, or any small and durable container, put some sage inside and light it up so that the cleansing process can start as soon as possible. The thing is you have to take the smoke of the sage to every corner of every room so that the ritual is complete.

burning sage

Watch out for superstitions. You might not be superstitious, but people who are will be right next to you, telling you all about them. You can avoid them or challenge them, but whatever you choose to do, the main thing you need to remember is: get the best man with a van you can and leave the rest to fate, whether you disturb the spirits or not.

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