12 September 2016
Depressed After Moving Home? Don't Freak Out!

post-moving depression

Moving house, apart from a big change, is also a usual sign that you will soon be facing the reality of that change. That reality often times comes with sudden depression. No, not the clinical type, but still a big downer which you want to try and avoid. It is a state of bringing yourself down after the initial excitement from the house removal is over and you have long forgotten about the man and van that got you here. The first few days are crucial to getting used to the new setting, and there is always some anxiety to deal with.

Here are some ways of dealing with post-moving depression:

set clear goals

Have Clear Goals for Tomorrow

Not the literal temporal tomorrow, but the future in general. In short, know what you want. You moved for a reason, so what was it? Why did you spend this time planning the relocation with the man and van? If you do have a reason, then you have to focus on it and think about it. This means you will have a direction and having direction is a good start to getting out of your depression. Don’t be too hard on yourself, simply focus on what is important.

be active

Be Active

No time for depression! You need to get busy. Do work, do sports, join book clubs, or other clubs. There is so much to do and so little time – who has time for depression? If you take your time to look around at all the options you have in front and around you, you will see that your down state is merely a product of inactivity. Once you get busy, you will have too many things to do to think about the things that you are not doing.

make friends

Make Friends

This is in many ways connected to the suggestion above. Be active and you will make friends as well. And friends are a window to a better world. Loneliness is also one of the worst offenders after moving home. It could be that this is your problem. Get to know the people in your new surroundings and make some friends. You will have enough time to spend with them and the deeper the bonds grow, the fewer reasons you will have to feel lonely. Don’t worry too much – simply enjoy your time at the new home with your new friends.

explore the local area

Explore the Town / City

Maybe you are feeling down because you have not found your new favourite place to spend your time. Browse the new surroundings. Go out and explore. See where you have moved and discover all the small little secrets that make the good towns and cities the places they are. Discover the cafe around the block or the small corner diner where all the good pancakes and fried eggs are. Find the local hipster community and the friendly library. There could be so many things waiting for you – you should not sit down and think about things like depression when you can go out and look for them.

rest after the move


Post-moving depression is also caused in many ways because of all the stress that a domestic removal brings. After the man with van is done with your move and leaves, it’s time to have a big nice big rest to forget all the stress and anxiety. Do something enjoyable. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a hot bath. Simply allow your mind to ease up, because the more nervous you are, the harder your adjustment to the new setting will be.

With these little tips you should be able to handle any post-relocation troubles. Rest and find the good places, meet people and enjoy your time there. If you enjoy yourself, depression will be the last thing on your mind. Simply find your new place in life and focus on that.

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