13 September 2016
Curious Facts about Moving Home

moving home

House relocation is one of the most popular activities in the world, yet one that very few actually look forward to. People are moving house every single day and yet we still cannot get used to the idea of that one physical change in our life brought from desire or necessity and need to adjust to it like getting used to a new uncomfortable suit. A suit that produces stress and anxiety. But that is not all that is known about house removals. There are many curious facts that all the people around the world have produced in the long history of migration. And here are a few of the more interesting ones:

• People are known to move over 10 times in their natural lifespan. This is an interesting number as it speaks volumes about the need for change that people experience. A big chunk of your life is spent in looking for a place in the world, and the world is indeed a big place to look in.

house relocation

• Moving home is the third most stressful thing in life after divorce and death in the family. This proves what your imagination can do to you even when physically you can handle all the work there is to do. This is why tips for moving house are important and why you should listen to advice by people who have gone through it all (just like with death and divorce).

home removals

• Over 60% of the population in the USA and the United Kingdom never call that man and van to leave their home state or county. Some people simply like to be close to home. The feeling is too familiar and not a lot of people like the idea of getting out of their comfort zones.

moving short distance

• Wednesday is the most popular day for moving home. This is because otherwise you have to do it on the weekend. Some people simply like resting during the weekend and not working through stress and anxiety. Taking a day off work for the move is a huge plus as well.

moving day

• The older you are, the less you move. Research shows that relocation frequency decreases with age and not all of that has to do with the physical ability to move. This is a natural statistic found even in the animal world – older specimen hardly, if ever, migrate once they have settled for old age.

moving elderly people

• Half the population that moved house in the United Kingdom does so because of a change in jobs. A business opportunity is never to be missed out on and there are a lot of renting options there to allow such frequent relocations.

relocating for a job

• Doing research means saving money almost 100% of the time. Reading reviews gives a better understanding of the removal vans you are choosing and going through companies allows you to make comparisons that educate you about the business. Lesson: do your research before endeavouring to move.

removal reviews

• After graduation from college, almost a third of young people leave their state, county, or country. Learning requires change, change requires the ability to adapt, and adaptation requires more learning. It is the cycle of life we need to make use of to have a better time coping with change and moving home as well as moving forward with our lives.

student removals

• The USA has states with strong family values where people never leave their towns. Ohio and Michigan are among them, with a constant population of 40%, and we also have the state of Nevada with 25%. It is unclear whether said values are the reason for that or because they simply prefer staying put in a familiar place.

Ohio, USA

• About 20% of the population of the USA, Australia, and the UK undergoes house removals on an annual basis. This number varies among countries, but the people moving are always millions and millions. Business is good for the man and van industry.

domestic removals

All these facts speak about people who either cannot settle down in one place or want to experience life at different locations before they make their final choice. Either way, these statistics show that there is constant movement around the world and that won’t change anytime soon. People will seek what is best for them and whether they are running away from one place or seeking another, the moving vans will always be active.

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