30 November 2016
Carrying Out an Office Removal on a Budget

office removal
Carrying out an office removal on a budget is probably one of the wisest things that someone can do. The reason for this is that you have already spent a fair bit in trying to get everything moving. With the cost of your new place, not to mention transferring things like your utilities, your relocation can seem like an absolute nightmare. However, when you can do an office removal on a budget, it makes life all that much easier! So how would you go about carrying out a cheap removal, without breaking the bank?

What do you need to move?

Well, the first thing you need to assess is what actually needs moving. So many times, what we end up doing is overestimating (or worse, underestimating for that matter) the amount of possessions that need to be moved. If the volume of stuff is small, you can even transport your items in a few trips in your car. The clincher actually comes when you don't always have stuff that you can stick in a couple of boxes. If you are moving things like boardroom tables and sturdy office chairs, you most definitely need a man with a van. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't always expensive to hire a removal company – especially if you know what you are doing.

moving office
Select your movers wisely

Look for a company that has been in business for more than a year. They won't be charging you any hidden fees on top of your bill and will be eager to provide the best service. Reputation means everything to a company like this, so it is in your best interest to negotiate a good deal. Also, it is wise to move mid-week as well as mid-month. Removal companies often have the best deals going mid-week, because it is often quiet and they do not have much business on those days.

office movers
Acquiring removal boxes on the cheap

When you need moving boxes, you do not have to visit places such as office superstores in order to buy them. You can go to your local supermarket and ask for things such as fruit boxes. These are the best type of boxes because they hold your stuff well and are very sturdy. Local community centres and your local library can help tremendously as well. Removals boxes and crates are often seen as an extra expense, so it is beneficial if you can find them for free!

moving boxes
Organise a sale

Office relocation is simple when you can sell things out of the old office as well. If you have an extra set of office chairs or a table and you don't want to take them along with you, you can put them up for sale online and get some proceeds. That will give you a financial head start when you move into your new office and can actually pay for your moving company to do your removal professionally. Office removals typically involve quite a lot of stuff including things like filing cabinets that definitely need a removal van, if they are your own and not rented along with the office. It is always helpful to know if the next place is serviced or not, thereby reducing the time you take to move all your stuff!

office relocation
Set aside a specific amount of money that you would like to invest in your commercial removals and then see how it works. The worst situation is when you feel your budget is open, which makes you liable to spending more than you normally would have.

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