14 December 2016
A Guide to Moving House before Christmas

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It may sound strange but now is the best time to move house. Act now if you want to save money and celebrate the holiday in your new abode. Christmas is fast approaching so it is now or never! There a few things to keep in mind however. The weather and unexpected hiccups are important factors to consider. Moving home can be a stressful time but it is even more so if you are relocating before Christmas. Don’t let your removal prevent you from having a merry Christmas. Follow these steps and enjoy a hassle-free move and happy holidays!

moving checklist

Plan the process

You should carefully plan every step of the process. Make a list of the things you will keep and dispose of the items you no longer need. Keep an eye on the weather and get prepared for a snowy moving day. Choose a date for your move and estimate the amount of boxes you will need. Consult with a professional company if you are not sure how to approach the task.

man with a van

Hire a man and van

Get quotes from different man with van companies and choose the firm that will accommodate your needs and budget. Make sure that they are available at the date you have already chosen. Ask them anything you want to know to make sure the process will be smooth and seamless.


Organise your packing

You can buy the packing materials and boxes from your removal company or purchase used cardboard boxes. The latter is not the best option for you as the weather is wet and the old boxes can tear apart and damage your possessions. If you use a packing service your movers will offer you to take advantage of their packing supplies and will make the move much simpler. If you decide to pack on your own you need to buy the packaging and boxes before you start packing. Get prepared as packing can be a long and time-consuming job.

Christmas Market

It’s time for Christmas shopping

Make a list of the presents you will be buying to make sure you are ready for the feast. You do not want to realise you have forgotten someone just before Christmas. Buy the presents and put them in a separate box. Here you can place decorations, stockings and other items you will need for a great Christmas.

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Keep valuables safe

Pack a special box with your valuable items. Here you can pack your important documents, jewellery, You should not transport this box with the rest of the boxes. You should transport it by your car along with the box with holiday decorations and presents.

Christmas move

Prepare for the removal day

Prepare a box of essentials that you will unpack on the first day at your new home. This should be the last box to pack and the first one to unpack. It should include a sheet set, towels, toothpaste, soap and some basic cleaning supplies. Prepare for a cold moving day so an extra pair of shoes and clothes should be at hand.
Enjoy the holiday

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You need to organise the unpacking once you are in your new home. If you have moved just before Christmas it would be best to unpack the living room first to make sure you are ready for the feast. Decorate the Christmas tree and create a festive mood! Prepare for the Queen's Christmas Message and have a merry Christmas!

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