12 September 2016
7 Signs that Suggest You Need a Larger Home

move to a bigger home

Even if the old saying tries to depict your home as a castle, sometimes it feels like a tin can with too little free space inside. Yes, it may be your old tin can, but that doesn’t change the fact that you feel like you are starting to develop claustrophobia in there.

Taking an objective and honest look around is needed to determine whether you should search for a bigger home and call the man with a van team to move you there. There are many ways to tell that a certain home is no longer fit for you and your family. Let us go through some of the telltale signs that suggest you should consider moving home:

new family members

- You have new members in your family - surely in the past you’d do anything to get a single room. Now you are living in an apartment with your significant other and you are expecting twins. Soon enough you will feel the need to look for a removal company and a larger home. It doesn’t matter if you are expecting children or you are bringing in pets (and yes, pets ARE family) - in all cases you want to assure that every member of your family has enough space to co-exist happily with the others.

moving a home office

- Your job demands it - in the best case scenario, your career has taken off, and you can finally afford a better place. Before you call the man and van team, be sure you pick a place that is near the office. Another possible scenario is that you have decided to work from home and for this reason have turned part of it into an office. Whatever the reason, moving to a larger home due to your job demands is just as valid a reason to consider house relocation.

moving house

- It is a favourable market situation - the real estate market is flexible and keeping an eye on its changes is very important. Whenever interest rate is about to go down, you should be ready to make a move. Taking the plunge to purchase a bigger home then is the best thing you can do. Take advantage of the favourable rates and look for a reasonably priced man and a van service to help you out.

maintenance costs

- Maintenance costs are too high - if more and more money of your monthly budget are going towards repairs and you are ready to meet those expenses, then that is a clear sign you should move somewhere larger. Why invest more capital in a small home, when you can pay the money for a bigger place instead? Redirect resources from repairs to hiring a moving service. You will thank yourself for the decision later.

house relocation

- Your needs have changed - in the past you may have been more interested in the nightlife surrounding your current place. Perhaps now you are more into a leisure family life with young children. With that also comes the need to schedule a man with van service.

you are earning more money

- You have got more money - you lucky you! Whatever the reason behind your good fortune, investing in a larger home is one of the smartest things you can do. It sure is tempting to do so, but do take into account all of the costs related to living bigger.


- You have developed a green thumb - large homes often come with beautiful gardens. If you have been itching to get your hands on some garden tools and turn a garden space into your personal oasis, then it is time to think bigger and look for a home with one.

These are all good examples of when you may need a bigger home. Evaluate your current situation based on them and act accordingly by moving to some place where you will feel better.

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