13 September 2016
6 Things Your Removal Company Won't Tell You

moving company

Yes, moving can be quite stressful, but that is one thing you already know. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you think you are or how easy you think your move is going to be, one thing’s certain: you will welcome the help of a removal company!

Loading countless boxes and manoeuvring heavy pieces of furniture down staircases and supplying you with sufficient packing supplies and navigating through unfamiliar areas for you – those are merely a handful of the services a man with a van service can do for you. You should definitely be thankful for all that help, because if you were to complete the job without it, you would see just how difficult it was. You won’t hear some of these things from your removal company, but you will do well to keep them in mind still:

tip your movers

- You should tip the movers for a job well done - it is the job of a man and van team to help you with a move, and often times that means doing what seems an unimaginable feat in a short time. If they manage to complete it all for you, it is polite to offer them a tip. Generally, you should tip based on how long the process took place. And no, don’t offer refreshing beverages and food instead of a tip. It is nice to refill one’s energy with a quick drink and snack, but awarding them with money for their dedication is a whole different story.

arrange a parking spot

- You should provide parking space, if possible - it is never a good idea to leave the movers fend for themselves in a busy area in trying to find a suitable parking spot. It is your items they will be loading on the removal van soon and the closer it is located, the less time it will take.

moving home

- You should welcome the team and oversee their work - it is never a wise idea to let the experts in and then take off addressing other tasks. It is in fact quite important to be there throughout the whole process so that you can guide the man with van team on what needs to be done and ask questions, if there are any. There may be need for special instructions, such as how to handle a piece of furniture that is slightly damaged, or what removal boxes contain fragile items so that they can be addressed with due care and caution.

removal costs

- You should be prepared to pay more than the initial estimate - the final price you have to pay for moving services is usually based on the amount of items you want to move and the time it takes to finish the job. However, in some cases, it could take more time than initially estimated or you may want an extra service, such as packing or more boxes. Then you will have to pay some extra money, which you should be prepared for.

cardboard boxes

- You should not make boxes too heavy to carry - it is such a burden having to carry heavy boxes, but it is also counterproductive. Often it calls for repacking, which takes more time and translates to greater expenses for you. Furthermore, heavy boxes may tear up and dump your belongings at some point, so it’s always better to pack fewer items.

large-scale house removals

- Try to be accurate in your estimated volume of items - it can be quite discouraging for movers to prepare for a certain volume of items they will move for you only to find that you have in fact twice that amount. It could cause for rescheduling of your man with van service, as that scenario dictates a larger removal van.

It is such details that make the job of movers easier and more pleasant. It is up to you to keep them in mind and address them.

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