17 March 2016
5 Vital Tips for Students Moving Back Home

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You likely remember the day you moved out of your home for the first time. Anxiety, uncertainty, eagerness, anticipation, happiness and a whole ton of other emotions must have been coursing through you. It is only natural to experience the same feelings again as you are moving back home after a certain period.

Whether you are coming back from college or because separate life from your parents didn’t quite work out, you need to adjust after home relocation. Surely it’s going to take some time, but assuming you have the support of your parents and the home you have grown up in, it should not be a problem. There are some things you should look into in order to speed up the process even more:

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-    Prepare your room - take your time to prepare the room you are going to live in after the home removal. It may have changed greatly after your move out in the past. Arrange it the way you feel like is comfortable for you. While this does require a visit before the move, it is s time investment well worth it. A visit before moving day will give you an idea of what improvements need to be done, if there is need for additional storage and what you need to buy to make it as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget about renovation projects too - perhaps you wish to have it repainted or remodelled to your liking.

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-    Toss out the excess - often times when you live alone, you have more room for everything. Sadly, that is not the case when you go back living with your parents. There may not be enough room to keep all of your clothes, books, dorm décor and anything that you have acquired while away from home. Disposing of the excess in some way is a smart thing. You can sell it to make some extra money, or you can donate it. Either way you will end up with less cargo on the moving van and thus less to worry about later on.

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-    Devise a plan - moving out of your dorm or place you live currently and moving back with your parents is a process that is best carried out with a plan. Use the time you have before the arrival of the movers to plan out what you are going to do next. Will you use the time to search for a new place to live? Do you want to find a solid job first? Try to decide what direction you want to lead your life from there on. One more thing that requires careful planning is the home removal itself. There are plenty of tasks you have to look into so give yourself enough time for that. Packing, booking with a removal service and finalising details with your parents should all be planned in advance.

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-    Communicate with your parents - whatever the reason may be for moving back home with your parents, you should discuss it with them and everything that troubles you. Your parents deserve to know what is going on and what you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help during the removal itself and explain the situation to them. After all, your parents are the ones who will show most support and understanding.

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-    Explore the neighbourhood - places change a lot, especially when you haven’t visited for long periods of time. For this reason it is wise to take a look around the place and see what is new there. Perhaps you can find local job opportunities or new places of interest, which you like. That ought to make your move less stressful.

Follow these tips for a less troublesome move back home. That is what can make a real difference in making this process easier for you as well as your parents.

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