12 November 2013
5 Tips for a Stress-free Move to Colliers Wood

5 Tips for a Stress-free Move to Colliers Wood


Home to the national trust’s Wandle Park, Colliers Wood is a mainly residential area in South East London, falling under the same postcode as Wimbledon. There is currently a strong community spirit in the area, so to allow you to get settled in as quickly and easily as possible, follow these simple tips for a stress free move to the area.

Organise your move

A good starting point for any move is to make a to do list, as well as organising a rough schedule. Examples of some things that you‘ll probably want to add to your list are things like contacting removals companies, moving dates, forwarding address, and organising your packing. Having a backup plan can be a lifesaver too in the event of unforeseen circumstances or problems during the move. To take this into account, give yourself a few extra days on your schedule to deal with any problems that arise, as well as an emergency fund from your budget.

Sell and get rid of old and unwanted things

You should be able to decide fairly quickly what things you will be taking with you and what you won‘t. For anything that can be got rid of, try selling them on the internet at a stall, or a local car boot sale, as any money made can help cover the costs of your relocation. Storage is another option for things that might not fit in your new home but you want to keep. Don’t forget charity shops are great places to give away any unwanted items too, and you can feel satisfied that your old things are being put to use by someone else.

Choosing a Colliers Wood removal company

Think about what kind of service you’ll need based on your requirements. There’s no point hiring a removal company who will charge you by the day if you live fairly close to Colliers Wood already, for example. A man in van is probably the best solution if your move is small and fairly close by, or within the city. If you do have a lot to move, or you are moving from quite far away, then a removal company is most likely your best bet. Removal companies offer many different and additional services, so make sure to shop around and see which best suits your requirements. Whether you’re dealing with a company or man in a van, always get a few quotes before deciding.

Ask for help if you need it

Don’t be afraid to get someone to help share the burden, whether family or friends (or both), as moving can be very demanding and stressful. If you think things are getting too much, then ask for some help – things will get done much quicker and you won‘t get stressed out. Ask friends or family if they can help with packing for example. If moving from another part of London, take the time to see if any of your friends can help with the transport of your things, or know anyone with a van that can. This can also save some money, so is worth looking into (petrol money for a friend will be less than hiring a man in a van).

Keep essentials handy when you move

Before you leave your old home for good, check you have all your essentials packed in a separate bag that you can take with you. This way, once you arrive, you can make a cup of tea, change clothes etc, and these simple things will help you to not only get settled faster but feel more positive about tackling the unpacking.

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