23 February 2016
5 Steps To Follow Before Moving Abroad

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Moving abroad has got to be one of the most life changing experiences yet equally one of the most hectic ones. Although you would like it to be a walk in the park, sadly, it’s not always as simple as that and requires a huge amount of planning and preparation. When you embark on international removals, you never know what to expect until you actually arrive there and are actually living there. That is when reality kicks in. However, you can have a stress-free easy relocation overseas, as long as you follow these five easy steps.


1.    Save your money
Moving overseas is, without a doubt, very expensive and it’s a great and wise idea to start saving months in advance. Avoid going on city breaks and little trips here and there and start saving. Soon, you’ll be living abroad so there’s no need for little holidays here and there. They only drain your bank balance. The best thing you can do in order for your move abroad to be smooth is to save your money a few months or more in advance. This way, you start your journey with a healthy bank balance. You never know what hiccups you’re going to face, so it’s always good to have money to fall back on.

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2.    Shipping or storage?
You are going to have to decide prior to moving whether you’ll be shipping your belongings with you or putting them in storage. It depends on your situation. Will you only be staying abroad for several months or a year? If so, storing your furniture and other big items in a storage unit would be far more cost effective. You can then return to them in a year. Alternatively, if you are moving permanently or for a couple of years, you’ll probably want everything shipping with you. Just figure out which one you need. There’s no point in paying out all that money to ship your heavy furniture overseas if you’re only staying for half a year or so.

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3.    Tie up loose ends
Once again, it depends on how long you’ll be staying overseas. But if you are moving away permanently or for many years at least, you’ll definitely want to tie up loose ends. Consider closing your bank account if you are moving abroad so it saves paperwork and hassle etc. Also, cancel any subscriptions or if you can, change your address. Basically, make sure everything is sorted out before you leave so it’s one less thing to worry about when you arrive at your new home abroad.

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4.    Sort out paperwork
Most likely, you will have stacks of paperwork to sort out moving abroad. Sorting out visas and residency cards takes up the bulk of that paperwork. You should also think about getting health insurance and sorting out taxes in the country to which you are moving. Sort out the paperwork plenty of time in advance so that you don’t have to do it when you first arrive overseas, when you already have so much on your plate.

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5.    Find a decent removals company
Of all the moves, this is the one you don’t want to DIY. You are absolutely going to need a professional moving company; otherwise it’s going to be an incredibly chaotic move. So, get in touch with different companies and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make notes and choose the company that suits most or all of your needs. Don’t settle for second best. Look around until you find the ideal company for you and book a date!

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