12 September 2016
5 Steps for Moving Plants Safely

moving plants safely

Moving house has many delicate sides. Depending on what you are taking with you, you have to go about your house relocation in a different manner. One thing you have to be wary of is planning the move when you are taking along more than just luggage and removal boxes. When you are taking along living things, such as pets and plants, you have to be a bit more organised and do a bit more preparation. The simple shoving of the plants in the moving van will not do, especially since moving companies have a policy of not moving living things like plants. And when the man with van is out as an option, it’s up to you.

Here are some safety tips for moving with plants and what your moving schedule should look like:

3 Weeks Prior to Moving Day – Repotting

This is the period where you have to check all your plants and their pots. China, ceramic, glass and other fragile containers should be replaced. Find more durable containers and repot the plants in them. Any ride will be a bumpy one for plants and their pots might break, and if they break, the plant is as good as gone since its symbiotic relationship with the soil will be shattered. So do make an effort and replant everything before the house relocation so that it is kept safe.

repotting plants before moving

2 Weeks Prior to Moving Day – Pruning

After the repotting, it’s time to do some surgery and make sure two things happen: 1) the plants are in a size that will fit your personal vehicle; and 2) the plant is in a size that it can fully feed from the new pot. The latter is important because if you replanted it in a smaller pot, it will require more food and after a week you will be able to see if what you are giving it is enough or not. Prune it as much as required and focus on the rest of the things on the house removals list.


1 Week Prior to Moving Day – Check-up

You have to use the final week to survey the plants and make sure they do not carry any diseases or pests. No need for pesticides, just take care of them however your local florist advises you to. This is merely a technicality, but it would be better if the plant undergoes the relocation in a healthy state.

house relocation with plants

2 Days Prior to Moving Day – Watering

Time for the final watering before the man and van arrives. Make sure the plants are fertilized and watered enough – when moving day comes, the water should have been fully absorbed and there should be no spilling on the road. One final thing to do before moving day is to find tall boxes in which to place the plants in order to secure the safety of their leaves. Markets and shops should have boxes, you just get (or make) one of the appropriate size.


Moving Day – Packing and Loading

And, finally, when moving day comes and the man with a van is here, all you are left to do is place the plants in separate boxes, and maybe even line them with plastic bags for a) further protection, and b) in case of spills and leaks. All that is required of you now is to load them in the removal van and get ready to roll.

packing plants for removals

It does not sound hard, does it? It shouldn’t – moving with plants should be just as easy as moving with pets or even kids. You just have to prepare them for the move and protect them from potential damage. After that you merely have to wait for the man and a van, load you other belongings, load the plants in your own vehicle, and the relocation may begin. It’s all too simple; you just have to make it easy.

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