13 September 2016
5 Most Expensive Areas to Live in London

removals in London

If there is one thing about London most people agree on, it is that it is an expensive city. This is valid not only given UK standards, but also world standards as well!

London covers an area of 3000 square miles and has a population of over 13 million people. As a result of this disproportion, supply in terms of homes in desirable areas is extremely low, while demand remains at a relatively constant high. The thought of starting a whole house relocation process and moving to London has crossed the mind of many people, but it is not that easy with the lack of affordable areas. Some parts of the capital are especially affluent and only wealthy families and individuals can afford living there. Here are a few examples of such capital areas:

moving to Kensington

- Kensington - there is a Monopoly game instalment in which Kensington is present as the most expensive property in the entire game. Judging by the prices of homes in that area, it is quite easy to see why. If you have ever wondered why man and van teams rarely visit here, it is because people pay 1193 pounds per square foot on average. Celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs make their home here, as it is these classes that can afford it. A few famous names you will probably recognise have residences in Kensington: Madonna, Lakshmi Mittal and Leonard Blavatnik. With a median property price of 1.7 million pounds, this area is definitely reserved for the richest of them all.

relocation to Knightsbridge

- Knightsbridge - if you were to ask several residents of London, they’d all tell you they are ready to call a man with van company and move to Knightsbridge immediately… if they had the money to afford housing there. One of the notable benefits of this posh area is its amazing transport connections. The area itself has the homes of two of the capital’s richest residents: Charlene De Carvalho, Heineken heiress and Simon Reuben, property mogul. Median property price gravitates around 1.3 million pounds, which is enough to discourage less wealthy individuals from ever considering Knightsbridge as a destination for their house removal.

Chelsea movers

- Chelsea - the reputation of Chelsea among artists is well earned. With a median property price set at 1.3 million and top homes selling for 25 million pounds, you get a clear picture of why only famous and rich people go through home removals to live there. If you were to do the same and have your man with a van team drop you off here, you’d expect to greet Kylie Minogue, Norway’s richest person John Fredriksen and Formula 1’s famous Bernie Ecclestone as neighbours.

West Brompton removals

- West Brompton - a relocation to this area of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea can get you closer to the landmark Troubadour Café, where the first ever gig of Bob Dylan took place. Furthermore, if you are a fan of famous Chelsea FC, this is the place to live in, as the club’s home is within walking distance. The median property price of 1 million in West Brompton could be a big turnoff for initiating such relocation though.

moving house to Notting Hill

- Notting Hill - that is one very popular area of London, and yes, part of that popularity is due to the famous movie of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The area has long been a playground for the rich and famous and their children as well. Examples include Stella McCartney and Elisabeth Murdoch who can afford the median property price of 1.1 million pounds.

Keep the property price in mind whenever you think about hiring a removal company to get you to any one of these areas. It might be way out of your league.

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