27 September 2016
5 Fun Things to Do before the Man and Van Team Arrives

have fun during house removals

Moving house does not always have to involve hard work and sweat. Sometimes you can simply do something fun while waiting for your man with van team to arrive. The days leading to the move itself do not have to be spent sitting down in your living room, hands between your knees, stressing out because of what might happen. Stop focusing on the what ifs and simply enjoy the remainder of your time in your old house before the removal van comes and the man and van take you away from it. And here are some suggestions you can use towards the completion of that exact goal:

#1 – Decorate the Boxes

Have fun with your moving boxes. After all, you have to keep track of what you are moving and, later, when all is said and done, you have to take everything out in a certain order. So make sure that you know what you have and where it is. Make a colour system, add labels, do everything you can to categorise and organise the plain cardboard boxes. Add the kids to the mix, give them a marker, give them some pencils and then let them get wild. And the fun awaits you!

decorating moving boxes

#2 – Fall Down Memory Lane

Don’t just walk out and leave the house! No matter how little or how much time you have spent there, you should spend some time remembering the good times you had in that house. Spend time with the ones you lived there with and reminisce about the good old times, which you just may miss once the man and van are done with the move. And later you will find another step with which the process of memory lane becomes much easier.

memory lane

#3 – Throw a Farewell Party

A great way to both have fun and say goodbye to all your soon to be ex-neighbours is to throw a big farewell party. Invite everyone you know and mostly the people you will be missing once the relocation is over. Organise a huge blast and then have it alongside your favourite people and get charged with the energy you will need to get through the house removals.

farewell party

#4 – Downsize by Donating

Not everything has to be moved. Relocation is the best time to do some final de-cluttering. Take everything you have and make some decisions. Take everything you won’t use and donate it to someone who will need it. Either that, or set up a big garage sale and make some profit out of the move so that you get something out of it as well. Sometimes this can be the difference between needing a man and a van and just a moving van.

downsize before house relocation

#5 – Do a Photo Shoot

What is the best way to leave a home? Why, take pictures, of course! Get the family over, enjoy their company in the last few days of your residency and take as many photos as you can before the man with a van arrives. Make a memento that will forever remain in an album with all the memories of your old home, of the place that had you and your family until the need to move came along. Take that camera out, strike a pose, say cheese, and then make that memorabilia.

take pictures

Do any of these and then have a bit of fun before the stressful process of moving house commences. Enjoy your time here, then get through the move, and then start enjoying your time at the new house as soon as possible. Nothing has to be hard and nothing has to be dull – it’s all up to you, so make it count.

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