16 March 2016
5 Essential Items You Should NOT Pack in the Moving Van

moving van

Moving is a challenge that requires an investment of effort and time. One of the reasons why it is so comes from the fact that relocation forces you to change your home you have likely spent a good time in. Another difficulty comes from the large number of tasks involved.

There are so many details you will have to address during your move. One of the most essential aspects is packing your belongings. Normally you will book with a moving service and have an adequately-sized van to move your belongings. Be that as it may, there are some items you should not load on the van and instead keep with you. Here they are:


-    Medication - keeping your medication within easy reach is important, especially if your destination is more than a day’s travel away. It is best to ensure that your prescription medication is easily accessible, as you never know what may happen. Removal operations of all kinds are notorious for the delays and other problems that sometimes occur. In order to avoid potential problems that may prevent your access to these medications, it is advisable to keep them out of the van and with you at all times.

important documents

-    Important documents - there is a wide range of documents you have to use during your home removal. Think anything along the lines of passports, social security cards, birth certificates, medical records, tax documents and many, many more. Part of those you will need to present to the local schools in the new area to register your children. Other documents you will have to present to lenders and other real estate parties. The last thing you want is to lose anything as important in the chaos of boxes as you will then have to waste time and effort in replacing at a government office. That will keep you away from arranging your new home, which is a big no-go.


-    Photographs and items of sentimental value - everyone has a little something they hold dear, even when said item doesn’t have practical use. Photographs and photo albums often make a cherished memento. If you have such items and you have to move to a new home, it is best if you keep them off the moving van and in your car instead. That will ensure they don’t get lost or damaged, because that is one thing that will hurt you. Items you use for practical purposes can be replaced, but mementos cannot. For this reason, take all of these items with you, to guarantee their safety.


-    Computers, tablets and external hard drives - normally it’s okay to keep those along with other items on the removal van during transportation. However, in case there is valuable information, be it something related to your work or personal details, it’s wise to make place in your car and oversee the transportation of these items. You will feel better knowing that they are with you, and that’s some peace of mind you can use during moving time.


-    Artwork and other valuable collectibles - even though most moving companies have insurance policies, it’s still a good idea to look after your most valuable possessions yourself. It would be horrible if something happened to your precious items during transportation, as those are likely hard to replace. That is why keeping them under your personal supervision is very important.

Moving is stressful enough without you having to worry about your items. Keep all of the above with you as that will ensure nothing gets lost or displaced during the move.

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